Richard S. Tucker   


Richard S. Tucker and his associates provide professional consulting services for governmental and business entities.  Consulting expertise spans operational management, tactical, strategic,  technical and organizational composition.  Technical specialties include design and procurement of Command, Control, Communication, Intelligence (C4I) systems and the required facility infrastructure.

Dyonics was formed as a proprietorship in 1969.  The name is a combination of two concepts.  Dynamics is the science of Physics defining the characteristics of objects in relation to internal and external forces.  Bionics is the science of Human FactoringDyonics is the conceptual combination of force and human factoring.  Leveraging change through the design of systems and products with  purpose and value.

Richard S. Tucker is a Change Agent.  If you have a problem, he will provide solution options.

Browse the Web site  for more information. If you have any questions or would like to speak  with Mr. Tucker regarding his services, please e-mail at contact@dyonics.net .

Dyonics - perfection is the goal, value is the result.

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